an interactive tool for analyzing drug combination dose-response data

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* Potent targets are defined as the targets displaying binding affinities <= 1,000 nM from the bioactivity databases, or targets recorded in the unary databases. The information comes from MICHA , which integrates the data from 6 databases: DTC , chEMBL , BindingDB , DrugBank , Guide to Pharmacology , DGIdb .

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  1. Clicking on a specific row in the bar plot will change the highlighted row. Meanwhile the barometer and the table will show the information about the highlighted row.
  2. Double clicking on certain panel in the bar plot will sort the bars according to the values of that panel.

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Note: The dimention reducted multi-drug surface plot will not be included in 'static report'.

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1 Prepare Input Data

1.1 Data Format

SynergyFinder accepts two formats of input: Table and Matrix.

1.1.1 Table Format

In the Table format, the dose-response data is represented as a long table where each row represent one observation in the dose-response matrix (Fig.1).